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The Health Sector responding to the Anti-plastic Waste Movement

Updated: 25/12/2020 00:00


In 2020, Hai Duong health sector has had many activities and programs to respond to the anti-plastic waste movement. The provincial Department of Health integrated the criteria of reducing plastic waste into the contents of evaluating Green- Sanitary- Nice hospitals, departments, wards; allocating human resources to maintain inspection and supervision at all units in the hospital. The Department also praised and rewarded units and individuals who registered for emulation and research, who proposed and applied effective solutions to cut down plastic waste and plastic bags in medical activities.
Hospitals and medical facilities in the province have implemented the 3R model (reduce - reuse - recycle) to reduce using, to increase reusing and recycling plastic bags and plastic products in their activities. Drug distributors, drugstores and pharmacies have signed commitments and developed detailed routes to limit or to stop distributing plastic bags for free to customers, to use bags made of other eco-friendly materials...

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