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Ten must-see tourist destinations in Hai Duong

Updated: 13/10/2020 00:00
Hai Duong is a cultural and spiritual centre in the north that has preserved many historical relic sites. It is also home to various festivals in the year, helping to attract tourists to the locality.

Let’s explore the 10 famous tourist destinations of Hai Duong.

  1. Con Son landscape and historical relic site

Nestled between Phuong Hoang and Ky Lan mountain ranges in Cong Hoa commune, Chi Linh district, the Con Son site is associated with the lives of many well-known figures in Vietnam’s history. It is also one of the three centres of the Vietnamese Truc Lam Zen under the Tran Dynasty.


Con Son landscape and historical site


The area houses many pagodas and towers amid the mountains, pine forests, streams and historical relics. Many cultural remnants of the Tran Dynasty and other historical periods are still preserved here. 


  1. Con Son Pagoda

Con Son Pagoda, also known as Hun Pagoda, at the foot of Con Son Mount, has existed since before the Tran Dynasty. Under the Le Dynasty, it was upgraded and expanded. However, through different periods of time, it is now a small pagoda under ancient trees. The pagoda was built in the shape of letter “Gong” (), consisting of Tien duong (the forecourt), Thieu huong (incense offering place) and Thuong dien (worshipping place).

Con Son tourist site


  1. Gieng Ngoc (Pearl Well)

The well is located on the slope of Ky Lan Mount, at the foot of Dang Minh Bao Thap (Dang Minh Tower). Legend has it that Zen Monk Huyen Quang dreamed of being given a precious source of water by the God. The well was named Gieng Ngoc (Pear Well) as its water is clear all year round and tastes good. The well’s water is often used by monks and nuns for worshiping. 


  1. Ban Co Tien (Fairy chessboard)

Fairy chessboard

From the Con Son Pagoda, tourists climb about 600 stone steps to the top of Con Son Mount (over 200m high) where there is a flat stone slab, known as Ban Co Tien (Fairy chessboard). Near the chessboard is a two-storey structure built with eight roofs, where visitors can look over a large area.


  1. Kiep Bac Temple

Kiep Bac Temple

Kiep Bac Temple is located in Hung Dao commune, Chi Linh district, about 5km from Con Son. Kiep Bac is a combination of the names of two villages – Kiep (now Van Yen village) and Bac (Duoc Son village). It is located in a fertile valley surrounded by the Rong (Dragon) mountain range that gives Kiep Bac a romantic beauty. In the 13th century, national hero Tran Hung Dao selected this area as his military base and residence. A temple dedicated to him was built in the 14th century in the centre of the valley.


  1. Cao An Phu Temple

The temple is located in the northeastern part of Hai Duong city.

Cao An Phu Temple

Cao An Phu Temple is surrounded by a charming romantic scenery with a river like a silk strip, vast fields divided into squares and small villages. All have painted a colourful picture.


  1. Chi Lang Nam Stork Island

Chi Lang Nam Stock Island is nestled in the middle of An Duong Lake in Chi Lang Nam commune, Thanh Mien district. The island is not only the most attractive tourist site in Hai Duong but also a unique eco-tourist site in the entire northern region.

Chi Lang Nam Stork Island

During the first days in winter, the scene of an island fully covered by white storks at Chi Lang Nam Stock Island is very impressive. From a distance, thousands of storks and bitterns perching next to each other on tree peaks look like white flowers of the trees.

The white storks flying over the island create a wonderful yet wild setting. The island will surely bring visitors moments of living with the nature.


  1. Kinh Chu Pagoda

Kinh Chu Cave

Kinh Chu Pagoda is built based on the natural Kinh Chu Cave in Duong Nham village, An Sinh commune, Kinh Mon district. It worships the Buddha and Zen Monk Minh Khong, Huyen Quang and King Ly Than Tong. All of the statues in the pagoda are completely carved from stones. On the left of the pagoda’s gate there is a poem carved into stone. The poem was written by King Le Thanh Tong during his visit to the pagoda. On the Yen Phu Mount near the pagoda there is a place worshipping An Sinh Vuong Tran Lieu – father of Hung Dao Vuong.


  1. Chi Linh Star Golf Club

The Chi Linh Star Golf Club is located in Sao Do township, Chi Linh district. Situated in the centre of the northern economic-tourism development triangle, the Chi Linh golf course is regarded as one of the leading golf courses in Vietnam and the entire Southeast Asia in general.

Chi Linh Star Golf Club

The golf course covers an area of 325ha in a beautiful valley with a natural lake and hills of trees. The round-shaped building of the club has a unique design as all of its doors, windows and walls are made of glass, enabling visitors and audience to see the landscape in the golf course.


The Chi Linh Star Golf Club has rapidly become a tourist destination and a high-end centre serving sports, entertainment, leisure and investment attraction activities in the northern key economic zone.


  1.  Thanh Hai water puppetry village

Thanh Hai village in Thanh Ha district has preserved water puppetry for hundreds of years. Water puppetry artists in Thanh Hai have performed at most major art and cultural festivals nationwide.

Thanh Hai water puppetry village

­With interesting stories and good skills, the Thanh Hai amateur water puppetry troupe has earned high prizes at national festivals and attracted the attention of many cultural researchers and organisations, as well as those who love Vietnamese water puppetry./.