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Solving Problems for FLC Group's Projects

Updated: 29/12/2020 00:00

Leaders of FLC Group are reporting and proposing to the provincial leaders some contents related to the projects being studied and invested in Hai Duong

Entanglement in planning

FLC is a leading multidiscipline and multi-sector private economic group in Vietnam. Currently, FLC Group is implementing 3 projects in Hai Duong province including: Ben Tam Lake urban, eco-tourism, sports resort and entertainment zones; Vinh Tru island eco-tourism resort, sports and entertainment zones (all are in Chi Linh city); Northern Han Bridge Urban Zone in Hai Duong city and Nam Sach district with a total planned area of nearly 1,400 ha. All the projects focus on the goal of investment in building synchronous eco-urban zones, tourism resorts, golf links and entertainment zones with regional standards. Particularly for Northern Han Bridge Urban Zone Project, the Group aims to build an urban zone with full functions of housing, commercial shopee, inter-level schools, parks, other technical and social infrastructure facilities.

However, up to now, FLC Group's projects cannot be implemented due to procedural entanglement.

Focusing on solving problems

Regarding the difficulties and problems during the implementation process of FLC Group’s projects, the provincial leaders had a meeting with this group on 6th November. At the meeting, Comrade Pham Xuan Thang- Secretary of the provincial Party Committee has instructed the provincial People's Committee, the relevant departments, sectors and localities to drastically resolve the problems so that FLC Group's projects could be commenced at the proposed time. Right after that, the Standing Committee of the provincial Party Committee established a Steering Committee to remove difficulties and speed up the implementation of projects invested by FLC Group in Hai Duong, headed by the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee. 

Mr. Pham Van Quyet, Head of Urban Planning and Development Division (Department of Construction) said that in the meeting with FLC Group on 12th November, the leaders of the provincial People's Committee had requested the People's Committees of Nam Sach district, Hai Duong city, Chi Linh city to closely coordinate with relevant departments and sectors for solving difficulties and problems during the process of implementing the 3 projects of this group. The provincial People's Committee requested the provincial Military Command to organize a meeting for an agreement on the scope, boundaries and planning for the project of Ben Tam Lake urban, eco-tourism, sports resort and entertainment zones, as a basis for proceeding the next steps. Presently, FLC Group raises the idea of reducing the planned area to 728 hectares to match the boundary of national defense land. The provincial People's Committee also requested the Department of Transport to coordinate with the People's Committee of Chi Linh City to study and recommend a plan for the investment in building a landscape trunk route connecting National Highway 18 to Ben Tam Lake zone to create a convenient traffic connection for tourism and service development in the region...

The drastic and timely engagement to remove difficulties in FLC Group’s project implementation process shows the determination of the provincial Party Committee and provincial People's Committee to change the investment and business environment, creating the best conditions for large enterprises to come to Hai Duong.

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