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Hai Duong upgrades Co Islands ecotourism site Co Islands, Chi Lang

Updated: 13/10/2020 00:00

The Co Islands (Stork Islands) nestle in the middle of the over-20ha An Duong Lake. The islands, comprising two islets measuring over 7,000 square metres, are home to storks and bitterns. According to statistics of Thanh Mien district in late 2013, the islands were inhabited by around 15,000 storks and 5,000 bitterns and many other bird species.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognised Co Islands as a national landscape relic site in 2014. Currently, the locality is mobilising resources to upgrade a number of items in the site.

According to Nguyen Duc Minh, Chairman of the Chi Lang Nam Commune People’s Committee, one billion VND and 400 million VND will be respectively sourced from the district’s and commune’s budgets for upgrading the ecotourism site. The amount will be used to build a concrete road to the Centre for Environmental Education; a parking lot, and upgrade the centre’s facility.

However, a more urgent issue is to reinforce the banks of Co Islands to prevent erosion, but no funding is available for the work, Minh said.

The islands’ area is getting smaller because of erosions. This situation can be clearly seen when riding a boat on the lake. Erosion has left trees root exposed and dried. Several areas have become inundated.  In rainy season, the water level in An Duong lake rises, worsening the condition. Residents in Chi Lang Nam commune are appealing for prompt actions to prevent erosions and plant trees to protect the Co Islands./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency