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Hai Duong province: public satisfaction gauges officials’ capacity

Updated: 02/11/2020 00:00

The 17th Party Congress of Hai Duong province for the 2020-2025 tenure concluded successfully. Pham Xuan Thang, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the 16th provincial Party Committee, was elected as Secretary of the Party Committee for the 17th tenure.

In an interview granted to the Vietnam  News Agency (VNA), Thang said during the Congress, delegates democratically, objectively and candidly debated documents submitted by the 16th provincial Party Committee.

One of the most important lessons withdrawn from the previous tenure is revamping the personnel work, considering this the most crucial task in Party building, he said.

Efforts are needed to build key leaders and managers at all levels, he continued.

The delegates shared the view that the 17th Party Committee and its Standing Board must be an united, pure and strong collective, with consistency in will and action.

Each nominated member must be a role model in morality, lifestyle, political firmness, brainpower and leadership; be dynamic and creative, with innovative thinking; and dare to think, do and take responsibility.

The delegates agreed on the need to ensure the comprehensive leadership of the Party Committee in localities and major sectors. However, he said, the quality of officials should not be downgraded only for personnel structure plans.

They also paid attention to the balance between on-the-spot personnel and officials from other localities, along with other factors like age and gender, while electing personnel to the Party Committee and its Standing Board in line with regulations set by the Party Central Committee.

At the same time, they worked on personnel preparations for the provincial People’s Council, People’s Committee and the province’s delegation of National Assembly deputies for the 2021-2026 tenure.

In that spirit, the Congress elected 52 comrades to the Party Committee and 16 to the Standing Board for the new term, with quality, quantity and structure matching the approved plans.

The 17th Party Committee is expected to be a political nuclear that leads the entire Party Organisation and people in the province to successfully implement the Resolution adopted at the Congress, Thang said.

According to him, the Congress agreed on the general orientations and targets in the new tenure and the following years. It targeted economic restructuring towards green growth, and development of smart, modern and worth-living urban areas. This is also the momentum for Hai Duong in the time ahead.

The delegates raised many solutions to realise the targets and approved a draft action programme to implement the resolution adopted at the 17th Party Congress, with five specific sub-programmes that will be materialised by the 17th Party Committee.

They include a programme on rapid, sustainable economic development, towards green growth, and effective scientific-technological application for the 2021-2025 period, with a vision to 2030, and another on building and developing green, smart and modern urban areas for the 2021-2025 period, with a vision to 2035.

Regarding economic restructuring towards green growth, Hai Duong targets higher growth quality, economical and efficient use of resources, particularly natural resources, and environmental protection.

It aims to attract investment in supporting, and high-tech, environmentally friendly and energy-saving industries. The locality will limit and even not call for labour and energy-intensive projects that require large areas but have low added values and may cause environmental pollution.

To that end, Hai Duong will review industrial parks and clusters, and lure investors in infrastructure. It is expected to have additional 3-5 industrial parks and 10-15 clusters covering about 2,000ha.

At the same time, the province will control air quality in urban areas and those that accommodate many factories, and install environmental monitoring systems, along with waste and waste water treatment facilities.

It will also promote tree planting, closely manage and effectively use natural resources and minerals, and strictly handle violations of regulations on natural resources and environmental protection.

Production and business operations and daily activities that go in tandem with environmental protection are encouraged.

During the development of urban areas towards the status of a centrally-run city, Hai Duong aims to turn major urban areas into green, smart and modern ones, with synchronous and sustainable infrastructure, many architectural highlights, public spaces and parks, thus attracting people in and outside province to live and work.

Former urban areas will also be upgraded in harmony with the new ones. Meanwhile, the building of advanced and model new-style rural areas will be combined with rural urbanisation. Efforts will be made to improve living standards of local residents.

The Party Organisation of Hai Duong province will focus on four pillars: hi-tech and supporting industries, concentrated and hi-tech agricultural production, high-quality services, and green, smart and modern urban areas, Thang said.

To make these pillars breakthroughs for economic development, the local authorities will direct the building and implementation of the province’s Master Plan to 2030, with a vision to 2045 from the beginning of the term, along with the realisation of the socio-economic development plan in 2021-2025 period.

Attention will be given to promoting economic restructuring, transforming growth model and improving the quality of growth, while speeding up digital transformation to develop digital economy.

According to the provincial leader, the locality will work to strongly improve the investment and business environment to create favourable conditions for all economic sectors to develop, and attract large economic groups and strategic investors to land investment in the province, thus raising its competitiveness.

The State budget spending will be restructured in the direction of increasing the proportion of development investment expenditures; arranging public investment capital in the priority order, focusing on key projects and inter-provincial and inter-regional traffic works; and upgrading and completing a number of infrastructure works that directly facilitate socio-economic development, he said.

The locality will pay attention to attracting investment to support industries and those using environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies, he added.

It will also develop hi-tech, smart and organic agriculture, form high-quality concentrated agricultural commodity production zones and build brands for key farm produce; and develop high-quality services, focusing on spiritual tourism, ecotourism, cultural, sports and entertainment services.

In the first years of the term, Hai Duong will actively adapt to the “new normal” state and pay special heed to overcoming consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, thus accelerating the economic recovery and growth, Thang said.

The local authorities will always accompany locals and enterprises in all fields. “We see the satisfaction of people and businesses not only as a foundation to evaluate officials’ capacity and the performance of localities and units but also as a goal of all leadership and management activities in the locality,” he noted.

According to the secretary, during the term, the provincial Party Committee and its Standing Board will direct departments, sectors, localities and each member to regularly meet, listen to, acquire and promptly address proposals of businesses and people.

The locality is determined to transform the model of administrative management administration into the model of administration serving the people and facilitating development, he said.

Any organisation or individual with acts that cause difficulties, troubles and harassment to enterprises and people will be strictly punished, Thang affirmed.

The provincial Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee will continue to lead and direct all-level agencies and sectors to create the most favourable conditions for the business community and people so that they can bring into full play their talent, wisdom and enthusiasm to develop Hai Duong into a prosperous, civilised and modern locality in the future, he concluded./.