Thứ hai

180,000 VND/kg of u trung trang lychees

Updated: 25/05/2022 00:00
According to the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thanh Ha district, some people in Vinh Lap hamlet started harvesting u trung trang lychees on May 6 – 8.

Lychees were priced at 180,000 VND/kg on the first harvest day, up 60,000 VND/kg year on year, and 120,000 VND/kg on May 8.

Harvested the earliest in Thanh Ha, this type of lychee is fragrant and deliciously sweet.

This year, because of the weather's impact, there will be fewer u trung trang lychees than usual. People are selling lychees to customers preordering them as gifts, so there are not many lychees on sale in the market.

According to a plan of the district People's Committee for propaganda and promotion of the trade of thieu lychees in 2022, this May and June, the district authorities will organize delegations to participate in promoting the trade of thieu lychees in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city.

The district authorities have sent more than 1,000 invitations to businesses in and outside the province with experience in lychee export; connected trade between partners and producers and traders of the district's lychees; organized press conferences and propagandized tourism in Thanh Ha district and a number of tours to relics in the locality; etc.

This year, the yield of Thanh Ha thieu lychees is expected to reach about 40,000 tons (including 25,000 tons of early lychees and 15,000 tons of main crop ones), equivalent to that of 2021 lychee crop.

Apart from u trung trang lychees, which are being harvested, u trung gai lychees will be harvested from May 18 – 30, medium-sized lychees from June 1 – 10, and main crop lychees from June 10 – July 5.